Monday, September 13, 2010

What a Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

it was a busy week!

First off was a photo shoot on Wednesday with model Candice Kay, photographer Trevor Fisher (D4FISH PHOTOGRAPHY) and with stylist Heather Thibeault! It was a great shoot, we started off with a edgy look for Candice (using warm browns and auburns) , followed by a stronger, sexier makeup (using deeper auburns and a smokey grey) look and finished with a fresh and romantic look ( using corals and some peachy tones). Candice is used to being blonde, but wow, can she pull off the brunette look ! It was a pleasure, guys, let's do it again! :)

On Friday, photographer Dusko Jocic, and model Deepika and I went to Milton to catch the last of the beautiful sun. The photos turned out beautiful! We went for a classic look for makeup, changing her lip colour only. The sun loved her!!!!!! These shots are great, please check them out of my Makeup By Kate Page on Facebook.

On Saturday, I was at the Mazda Canoe Kayak Knockout 2010, at Ontario Place applying makeup on one of the hosts and some of the interviewees. It was a gorgeous and a pleasure. It will air on TSN on September 18th, 2010. The event was hosted by Vic Router. It was great to see some of the great people from Tri-Lite TV.

What a week! Next up is Michelle D's wedding the 25th.

Thanks for checking in!

Blog soon :)


Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hey Everyone,

I am just finished a 4 day shoot on a new show launching in the fall, called "GOLF STRAIGHT UP".
What a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was working with a wonderful crew at Tri-Lite Productions. The host's of the show were golf journalist Rick Brennan, and fashion expert Leigha Main. Another dream job for me!!!! I know nothing of golf but I can honestly i learned a lot.

The makeup was clean, fresh and matte. I can't thank my FIX+ enough for keeping the makeup fresh after, 2-4 applications/touch-ups per day. The days were long and full of golf!!!! The cast consisted of models, co-host's and guests.
It was a pleasure to work with the crew at Tri-lite Productions and I would thank everyone there, for another opportunity, to work with them again :)

Following the 4 day shoot, i had a bridal makeup in Burlington with 3 lovely ladies!!! Thank you, Judy Jadusz following introducing me to Susanne, what a lovely bride!

Thanks everyone for checking in!

Blog soon,


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My First Blog Entry

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog!!!! I am very excited to be sharing with you my experiences as a makeup artist in Toronto.

I am coming down from a wonderful weekend, shooting a new game show called "Who'd You Rather?". It will be airing this fall on Mens Tv, soon be be know as THE CAVE. If you have a specialty television package you will be able to watch the channel. We shot 13 episodes in 4 days!!!!! The host of the show is Boomer Phillips, who is an actor and comedian. He had us laughing four days straight. He was great to work withand was a great and professional host. The cast and crew were so amazing to work with and it is definitely a show you want to watch. Who'd you rather is a little on the naughty side, and definitely not recommend for children, that is for sure! Everyday was something and someone new. We had models, contestants, the host, the bartender and the panel to be done each day. I had my assistant help me for 3 of the 4 days, which was great. The first day of shooting there were 2 episodes to be shot, followed by 3 episodes on day 2, and 4 episodes for day 3 and 4. We had between 18 to 24 makeup applications and touch ups to be done.We had some funny contestants and panelist come in looking for love and date. We working 10 hours a day and we did it! It was a great time and fingers crossed the show will get picked up for Season 2!!!

Thanks for checking in,